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Nathan Fradley

Specialist Financial Adviser for  Emotionally & Technically Complex Situations

Divorce        Aged Care        Complex Estates        Responsible Investment

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How I can help

Specialist Advice

I help everyday Australians with specialist financial advice on Aged Care, Divorce or Complex Estates and Executor support.

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Financial Advice

With a broad network of the best Financial Advisers in the country, where I am not the right adviser for you, I'll help you find them.  

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Advice Support

I help advisers and lawyers when a new or existing client has a challenging complexity to their situation, in areas such as Aged Care, Complex Estates or Divorce. 

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Ethos ESG

Through Ethos ESG

I support Financial Advisers, Investment Consultants and Fund Managers with their ESG data and tech needs.

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“Nathan has been a wonderful help during the move of my parents into aged care. His knowledge of the processes required when dealing with veterans affairs and Services Australia took the load off me in a quite difficult time. He was always available to answer any questions and explained the fee structure around aged care in a way that was easily understandable and financially right for our situation. Nathan obviously has a passion for this area of finance and it shows in his care and ongoing help and support.
Thank you so much."


Nathan arrived in my life via a national legal contact during activation of my mum's will and estate processes.

At a time when I was overwhelmed with a range of emotions, new data, legalese and needed a clear strategy forward, what I needed most was to feel understood.

I also needed strong knowledge and skills to walk me through a complex position.

I am not the estate executor, I was not included in the estate planning period but I am now a beneficiary of a testamentary trust.

Within these parameters Nathan quickly demonstrated empathy, built trust and cut through confusing content.

We worked together consistently to identify priorities, put values into action and realise benefits.

This is all new territory for me and feeling enabled by a trusted advisor to make life changing decisions has made all the difference.

The outcome is a two way relationship where I feel believed in, confident in my investment decisions and supported by evidence based tools to grow into the next stage of my life.

I recommend Nathan to anyone seeking to build portfolio capacity personally or to build capacity as an Advisor to advocate for ethical investments.

Authenticity, knowledge, enthusiasm, trust and being values driven is a welcome baseline.


"I always walk away from a meeting with Nathan knowing he is as passionate about the success of my portfolio as I am. I meet him once a year and he makes himself available for any enquiries via emails and phone, so management is effortless. His thorough knowledge of superannuation annuities and Centrelink pensions made retirement financials simple. He understands an older persons needs, and doesn't lose sight of wellbeing, which is really important. Even after many years, every contact leaves me with a smile on my face!"

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Challenge the Standard Podcast

A podcast for advisers who want to challenge the status quo and help grow the profession

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Good for the Bee


A Podcast Project where Nathan interviews people doing amazing things in sustainability and investment.


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