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Aged Care

Transitioning a loved one into aged care is a significant step for any family, and a very heavy weight to carry for those responsible for the best interest of their family member or friend.  


I’m here to make this process as smooth as possible, offering guidance on financial assessments, facility choices, and how to manage costs effectively.


It’s about providing peace of mind during a difficult time, allowing you to focus your energy and time on what truly matters.

Where you need or want ongoing support and advice, I will refer you onto a suitable Financial Planner who can help you along your life journey, usually as part of the process to ensure a smooth transition. 

I do not take on ongoing clients. 

To get started, book in a Complimentary 15 Minute Call

Following this call you will know if you need advice, what you need advice on and if I am the right adviser for you. You will also have a good idea of costs, and understand the process from here. 

Where you don't need advice, or I am not the right fit I will guide you to the right solution as needed. 

Unsure if it's quite time to reach out?

I would encourage you to reach out, the earlier the better; even just to ask how to broach the topic with your family, or what you need to consider in preparation. 

Where this process is left to Fall - Hospital - Rush into Care, it is a lot more stressful and difficult on all parties. 

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