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I can not more highly recommend Nathan.

From the beginning of our meeting he put me at ease and clearly explained the process for the day. It is clearly evident that not only is he extremely knowledgable in his field but an expert in many aspects pertaining to financial impacts and planning.

Throughout he clearly explained my situation and it’s varied complexities in wording I could understand.

This was of course invaluable however even more importantly to me Nathan from the beginning was caring, empathic and showed that while the numbers are vital the journey through financial separation is just as much an emotional process.

He ensured this was acknowledged and discussed throughout our time.

Thank you Nathan, your clarity, explanation and advice was invaluable and has helped me beyond words on this very difficult journey i find myself on.

Anne, 49

Divorce, Pre-settlement

Going through a divorce is overwhelming, with financial uncertainties and emotional weight.


I provide clear, compassionate advice on navigating property settlements, understanding potential future financial outcomes, and planning for a stable financial future post-divorce.


My goal is to help you regain control and confidence in your financial life during and after such a pivotal change.

When to get me involved?

There are three separate moments I can assist you in this process, in all stages I work as a member of your team, alongside your Family Lawyer. 

  • Pre-Divorce: If you are considering a divorce and have financial concerns, I can offer a discrete and confidential discussion.

  • Negotiation and Pre-Settlement: Through financial modelling, calculations and expertise I can assist you in understanding the short, medium and long term implications of property splits or the impact of taking specific assets such as the Family Home or Superannuation. My aim is to help you make more informed decisions and be able to settle faster, so you can move on.

  • Post Financial Settlement: I can assist you in the post settlement planning your life or maybe just your next steps. Depending on your situation, family complications and asset positions, this process can be a comprehensive plan, or potentially an aspirational discussion. 

Where you need or want ongoing support and advice, I will refer you onto a suitable Financial Planner who can help you along your life journey, usually as part of the process to ensure a smooth transition. 

I do not take on ongoing clients. 

To get started, book in a Complimentary 15 Minute Call

Following this call you will know if you need advice, what you need advice on and if I am the right adviser for you. You will also have a good idea of costs, and understand the process from here. 

Where you don't need advice, or I am not the right fit I will guide you to the right solution as needed. 

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