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Complex Estates

Nathan arrived in my life via a national legal contact during activation of my mum's will and estate processes.

At a time when I was overwhelmed with a range of emotions, new data, legalese and needed a clear strategy forward, what I needed most was to feel understood.

I also needed strong knowledge and skills to walk me through a complex position.

I am not the estate executor, I was not included in the estate planning period but I am now a beneficiary of a testamentary trust.

Within these parameters Nathan quickly demonstrated empathy, built trust and cut through confusing content.

We worked together consistently to identify priorities, put values into action and realise benefits.

This is all new territory for me and feeling enabled by a trusted advisor to make life changing decisions has made all the difference.

The outcome is a two way relationship where I feel believed in, confident in my investment decisions and supported by evidence based tools to grow into the next stage of my life.

I recommend Nathan to anyone seeking to build portfolio capacity personally or to build capacity as an Advisor to advocate for ethical investments.

Authenticity, knowledge, enthusiasm, trust and being values driven is a welcome baseline.


Complex Estates

Whether you’re an executor or a beneficiary, the financial intricacies of Estates and Inheritances can be daunting and stressful, especially where there are disagreements or misunderstandings between parties. 


I offer expertise in managing these complexities, ensuring that financial decisions are made with both immediate and long-term considerations in mind.


It’s about securing your financial well-being while honouring the wishes of your loved ones.

When to get me involved?

I can play two separate rolls in th 

  • Executor Support: As an executor you hold an important and heavy responsibility in managing the Estate. I can provide guidance and advice on the Financial Aspects of managing and distributing the estate, alongside your Accountant and Lawyer. 

  • Estate Challenges: Through financial modelling, calculations and expertise I can assist you in understanding the short, medium and long term implications of an inheritance or the impact of receiving specific assets such as the Family Home or Superannuation. My aim is to help you make more informed decisions, and to support you decision process alongside your lawyer in the event of a Challenge. 

  • The Impacts of Inheritance: While full of opportunities =the receipt of an inheritance can come loaded with anxiety, with the most common thing I hear "I just want to get this right". I can provide advice on how to use the proceeds to live the life you want, considering your goals, values, biases and challenges. 

Where you need or want ongoing support and advice, I will refer you onto a suitable Financial Planner who can help you along your life journey, usually as part of the process to ensure a smooth transition. 

I do not take on ongoing clients. 

To get started, book in a Complimentary 15 Minute Call

Following this call you will know if you need advice, what you need advice on and if I am the right adviser for you. You will also have a good idea of costs, and understand the process from here. 

Where you don't need advice, or I am not the right fit I will guide you to the right solution as needed. 

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