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  • Nathan Fradley

Welcome to the Blog!

A library of the Emotional and Technical Complexities in Divorce, Aged Care and Estates

I’m Nathan, an Independent Specialist Financial Adviser based in Melbourne, Australia.

A decade into my career I noticed my work started to specialise into topics of Divorce, Aged Care and Complex Estates.

While seemingly different topics, my approach to each highlighted some similarities. In most situations I was working with a woman who was going through a substantial and burdensome change to their life. These circumstances were not a straightforward windfall or easy process - they required both a high level of Technical Expertise, as well as an awareness to the emotional complexity playing out for my client. In a lot of cases my clients, being very caring and empathetic people were financially disempowered in their situation seeing great benefit from a professional to even out the dynamic. These clients also seem to have a deep care for social or environmental issues, aligning with my personal values and approach to investment.

The common thread in my work was that I took a difficult and complex situation and made it simple, with an empathetic but professional approach.

So why the blog?

I'm a much better speaker than writer, but outside of a challenge I wanted to create a library frequently asked questions or topics that I could provide as a resource to client enquiries, or to other professionals I work with such as Lawyers, Accountants and Other Financial Advisers.

Thankyou for visiting

I hope you gain something helpful from visiting the blog, or can share it or refence it in a way that benefits your friends, family, colleagues or clients.


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